How I turned a

$0 investment
into a $6.4 Million dollar company

And the 1 mistake that lost it all


How Can I Help You?

I noticed you only ever hear from people after they get successful. I believe I have a unique opportunity to show what goes into the day-to-day of building a successful multi-million dollar company.

I am now working on building 2 companies in tandem – one is rebuilding and the other is from the ground up. So I thought – what better way to help other small business owners and entrepreneurs than documenting what I’m doing along the way?

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No Fluff

My promise is to show real numbers, real case studies, the real processes I use, and real results.

I don’t like the “everything is awesome” filter on social media. I’ll show you the heartaches and the struggles also. That way you know you’re not the only one.

Work Smart AND Hard

Running a company is work. Lots and lots and lots of work. If you’re looking for a push button system to run a company, there isn’t one.

If you’re willing to put in the 80+ hour weeks – I’m going to break everything down into steps to be as easy as possible.

It's Free

It’s my genuine passion in life to help others live with no regrets and achieve their dreams.

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Follow along as I show the day-to-day aspect of building 2 companies from the ground up into successful multi-million dollar companies. 


 My hope is for each of you to learn from both my successes and my failures in order to make smarter, more informed decisions about your company.

The Successes

My blog posts will only be on subjects that I have had tried, tested, and true success with.

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