Be Better Advertising

Core Purpose: We create unique advertising campaigns to cultivate exponential growth for our clients


Josh Stalets established Be Better Advertising in May of 2010. From 2010 to 2016, I (Josh) ran the company with success from part-time help from a few freelancers. Then from January 2016 to September 2017, Be Better Advertising experienced exponential growth, going from 1 full-time employee to 33 full-time employees and making the list of Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America. However, I failed to put the proper Operations / Company structure in place to contain the growth successfully, and it eventually crumbled into filing company bankruptcy in January 2018.

Since then, I have learned a massive amount of what *not* to do and we are rebuilding. Something we had a lot of success (please see our Glassdoor reviews) with were our people and our culture. We only hired an average of 1 person for every 1,000 applicants and that priority towards hiring showed in the company every day.

Every person we hired on were rare, unique, extremely strong individuals, and I did my best to treat them as such.

Where I failed was the metrics and financial/numbers sections of the company. I have since rectified those and am in the process of creating a much stronger company this time around.

The Future

We are putting a very large emphasis on automation and artificial intelligence. Our goal is to automate the entire analysis and optimization processes to free up our Creative Team and let them do what they do best.

How It Makes Money

Be Better Advertising is an advertising agency specializing in online direct response campaigns. Direct response means that we work on commission only – we only make money when the client does.
As an example, Netflix could pay $22 for a new user to signup.
Our job is to create an advertising campaign (come up with an “angle”, write the copy, create ads, and create a landing page/website) and then buy advertising placements online in order to get new users to sign up for Netflix through our link.
Then it’s just a game of trying to get more money in per $22 new user signup than we are paying out in advertising placements.
For the clients, it’s a win/win. All of the risk is on us instead of them. 

The Name

It was originally called 121 Marketing derived from One to One Media which was an eBay business that was the beginning of my (Josh) entrepreneurship journey. As a company culture and values started to form, 121 Marketing just didn’t “fit” and a name change was needed to better represent the company. It was renamed to Be Better Advertising to represent our constant desire to grow & learn (be better) both as people and for our clients.

Multiply OS

Core Purpose: To create, manage, and optimize a company’s strategic direction for them to both succeed and thrive.


During the extreme, rapid growth of Be Better Advertising, I buried myself into business books. I hired on business consultants. I had a CEO group with other company owners for strategic help. I have a mentor. I had tons of help, but there are only a few books to help with the “how” to run a company. When it came to the “how do I make sure I don’t fail?” – there wasn’t a very good guide.

I saw the need for a software and guide like this, and it is something that 1,000% would have saved Be Better Advertising from company bankruptcy.

About 70% of businesses with employees will survive their 2nd year in business.
About 50% of businesses with employees will survive their 5th year in business. 
About 30% of businesses will survive their 10th year in business.

Our goal is to help as many small businesses as possible avoid those failure rates.

Multiply OS will do this by helping create and manage the 4 “pillars” of a company:
1) Finance
2) Strategy
3) Metrics
4) Engagement

Just like a chair – without one of these 4 “legs” set up properly – a company will buckle and fail.

How It Makes Money

Multiply OS will be a subscription based software as a service (SaaS) for small businesses.  

The Name

Multiply is for what we will do to a company’s financials – profit, growth, metrics, everything will be multiplied exponentially with our help. 
OS is just short for Operating System. 

Multiply OS is the “Operating System” on which a company will run. Without an operating system for your company, you’re simply running blind.

The Future

Again, same as the advertising agency – we are putting a very large emphasis on automation and artificial intelligence. Our goal is for a small business owner to easily walk through the software & process to create a personalized, strong, and viable company strategy to push their company forward.